*hands you the death note* hi can you sign my yearbook

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Honest hour. Nothing will be deleted. Just come and ask.

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I changed my tumblr theme :3

I really like it, check it outtt :D

Facts about me

A few days ago my dear twin sis came to visit me and we took a lot of crazy pictures.

I just wanted to say that I love her, she’s the most special person in my life. I feel what she feels. And now that we live apart, that might be even stronger. I’m already looking forward to the next time we see each other again, because, to be honest, the last one and a half month i’ve been missing her! Until the 21st of July we spent almost every night in the same room and we saw each other almost everyday. We spent hours of talking when we had to go to sleep. I know it was my own decision to move out, and i do not regret it, but i do miss her <3 (:

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Hey you.

Today I realized there’s this great possibility that I actually really, like really, do like you and I might even love you.